Two Things Tuesday

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

THING ONE: Sunglasses for kids-- 2 for $5 at The Children's Place. You can't beat that for some super cute, retro-polka dot little numbers! I think that's where I've bought them since my oldest was born. I will say though, that we always buy a size up...maybe I have big headed kids, ok?! That just means they're smart, right?? Yes, it does...

THING TWO: Travel pillow for kids. I had no pattern-- just a confusing amount of orange fleece and my determination. I've made two thus far. They have both been categorically rejected by both girls in favor of...a plain, long skinny, rectangular pillow made of the same "awesome" orange fleece. They have given several reasons as to why they dislike can clearly see them all in the fakeness of the smile I got...

Why orange fleece?? What was I going to make with it? I'm sure it was purchased from the sale rack, as so many things are. I obviously have a hard time with passing up anything that's on sale! I thought the pillow itself came out quite well for having not ever done one...though the orange does make it very life jacket-like. Eh, who cares! It's for sleeping and drooling on in the car--we're going function over fashion on this one.

There's your Two you go make a life jacket/travel pillow! You know you want to!


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