Two Things Tuesday

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

THING ONE: One of my many goals for the summer is to spruce up the backyard. We have no seating or tables or anything back there. It's basically a play area/dog area...that's it. I know I don't want a "patio set," so I think I want benches. Ofcourse, benches are EXPENSIVE!! So, I will (hubby will) probably be making these suckers. Here are some inspirations.

This first one I already have the materals for actually---just a little on the plain side...

Fan Back Bench

I love the organic lines of this one...but I have no idea how to a) acquire wood like that and b) how to put that together.
Garden Bench
This one I am DIGGIN'!!! Maybe not this exact style, but the whole "reusing the door" thing is awesome! It wouldn't be black, for sure. Maybe have the back part be slightly shorter so it's not so formal looking. What a great idea, huh?
Door Bench Who knows what I'll end up with! It may not even happen this summer as I already have umpteenbillion other projects in line, waiting to be done!
THING TWO: This one is random. Literally. I just stumbled upon it. So no--I haven't been contemplating sponge holders...
I'm only showing 2 because the other ones I saw seemed like they would collect water in the bottom and these two seemed like they would drain better. The verdict is still out for me with using a sponge to begin with. I KNOW they are breeding grounds for all kinds of gross stuff---but I am addicted to it. I can't see having a bunch of rags hanging around...and would that even be less of a breeding ground? I don't know. I wipe the counters down many, many times a day so it seems wasteful to use a new rag everytime. I do the microwaving it thing to kill bacteria every couple of days. No one has fallen ill from my sponge usage yet, so I guess I'm doing ok.

Here's one that's really a card holder...but could also be a sponge holder. Notice the open sides for maximum drainage...YES!
This next one is just plain cute! I dare someone to tell me that seeing these cute little birds right before you are about to wipe down the counters wouldn't cheer you up...just a little bit?


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