Two Things Tuesday-- something free and something cute! Who could ask for more?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

THING ONE: Smithsonian FREE MUSEUM DAY is this Saturday, Sept 25th! Go here and fill out the form and get in to a museum for free!! Lots of museums around the country are participating. I love free stuff, don't you??

THING TWO: Ok, this is just the cutest thing I have ever other motivation...just sheer cuteness. I don't even have boys, but come on...the cuteness. It's overwhelming! Knitted aviator hats for newborns might just be at the very top of my threshold for cuteness...

Cuteness overload provided by NewBabyPhoto on Etsy.

I've got to learn how to crochet, knit---something! Actually, knitting/crocheting is in the "curriculum" for my oldest this year. I'll be learning right along side her!

Something inspiring...and anxiety causing!

Monday, September 20, 2010

"Kids Clothes Week Challenge" at Elsie Marley...I'm not participating, though I SHOULD be because the kids do need clothes for fall...they always need clothes. Instead, I will sit back and watch everyone else create and then become so inspired that I can't stand it anymore and I simply must make something. That's my plan anyway! In procrastinating on making any fall clothes, (and I can, I live in Texas and we are still wearing tank tops) I have rearranged my oldest's room, painted picture frames, supervised the installation of a bathroom counter/sink/faucet, etc, etc...avoidance at it's finest.

A very late Two Things Tuesday

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I know, what am I doing up at the late hour of...8:30pm??

THING ONE: So I am in major panic mode about my oldest and her clothes situation.
1) She's in "big girl" sizes now, which are NOT cheap! There are no cute little Old Navy, Target or Children's Place closeouts to work with. Even the clearance in her size is more expensive than I'm used to paying. Ugh.
2) She's got nothing, and I mean nothing that fits here in the way of fall clothes. Save one pair of
3) I just read a weather report that says we will be having fall temps very in a week or two! AHHH!!
So, here's what I have my eye on: Heidi & Finn. That Chic Cocktail Swing Coat pattern is calling my name! As is the unisex hoodie, princess leggings, etc, etc.

Chic Cocktail Swing Coat

Unisex Hoodie

THING TWO: I am in "redo" mode which means I really want to go buy a bunch of stuff, but I can't, so I will rehash, redo, repaint, rearrange, reorganize anything in the house I can get my hands on. I believe my oldest girl's room is 1st on the list. Just some general rearranging there.
Then the big task...painting the hideous, gigantic brick hearth thing in my living room. I really don't know why we've let it go this long. It's terrible really. We have always greatly disliked the color of the brick on our house, and it is the same color brick...only inside...and taking up basically one whole wall of our living room! I just honestly don't know what color to paint it. I want something simple, bright----but not garish. We already have a spring green kitchen so I don't want to completely blind anyone. I don't know...but something will be done!! Something MUST be done!
Oh yeah, and painting the bathroom. I accidentally painted it avocado green...5 yrs ago. And I really do go back and forth about it. Is it too 70s? Is it retro, but still ok? I think in the end I've decided it's too retro for a house that is literally retro. So I'm thinking some sort of bluish green, maybe leaning toward a turquoise...again, it's unclear. My daughter thinks we should just go rainbow with every room. She has said that our house is too boring and we should just move---she's 5 people, 5 yrs old!

Just barely squeezed this post in there, huh? Well, bedtime is approaching and I have a lot to do tomorrow! There's your Two Things!!

Kids grow (rapidly)...who knew??

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My 5 yr old has grown several inches since the beginning of the summer. I think only in her legs because all the cute, little skirts I bought when it began to get warm are now just that...little! Some of the skirts have become her favs and part of her weekly wardrobe (especially since I bestowed the new responsibility of letting her pick out her own clothes!)
This orange skirt was just too young to I gave it a stay of execution by adding a band of that orange polka dot fabric to the bottom. Yes, the same one I used for the curtains and lamp...that may be a little "Sound of Music"...oh well...I love that movie!
She can still wear the skirt she loves (and that could really be for at least another month) and keep the modesty a 5 yr old should have!

I've got nothin'...well, nothing to share...right now

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dreadfully sorry, but there's not even a "Two Things" this week. I am in the middle of pre-birthday frenzy and it's not over yet! I am sewing though! Sewing up some princess dresses for the girls for the PRINCESS BIRTHDAY PARTY---AHHH!! In a million years, I never thought I would be all into a princess party...but I am...I'm in it up to my elbows! It's a little bit of an out-of-body experience, but you have to go with the flow. Little girl wants a princess party--LET'S DO THIS!
Anywho, so I haven't had time to take pics or edit or write more than what I'm writing right now. I'd say, "Sorry I let you down" but I don't post that regularly to begin everyone should be just fine with this I think! ;)
Princess dress pics to come!