Two Things Tuesday

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

THING ONE: A skirt...but it didn't start that way. I was trying to make a dress, but it was a complete FAIL!! So I chopped it and made a skirt for me and my oldest little girl. Also, I found out that my waist and chest measurement under the arms is the same. Is that normal, or am I just a rectangle? Anyway, I am in love with using knits of any kind...this crinkle knit was fun! I used a really wide elastic for the waist (2"?) and folded the casing for it on the outside instead of in.

It is such a cool, summery shade of green, yes? I didn't even hem it bc since I double layered it as it was so thin...I liked the double layer roughness at the bottom. The one I made for my little girl was a bubble skirt though.

THING TWO: Just another wall vinyl thing on etsy...but what a novel way to use them! I had never thought of putting on the glass shower!! I don't have one of those anymore, but when I did I always hated the fact that there was really no way to hide all the soap and scrubbies and stuff. I bet you could even buy a cheapie clear vinyl shower curtain and give it the same treatment. Custom showers, who knew?

There's Two Things---yay!


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