Two Things Tuesday

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

THING ONE: WHOOP WHOOP! I did it!! I made a dress for an adult!! Namely, me. I have several people to thank for this accomplishment:
1) Old Navy-- for providing the back-up dress that I purchased to take the pressure off. It was promptly returned...
2) The iron in the hotel with which I burned the dress that I cut apart and used as a pattern for this dress!
3) Charlotte Russe for providing a cheap, polyester dress that I didn't mind cutting apart...though I was mad about the whole iron burning incident.
4) Myself! For looking in my stash one more time to double check to see if I had two yards of grey knit, and I did!!

These photos are hilarious to me because I have used every available space in my backyard for a photo shoot---now I'm just standing by a tree. I just can't see going "on location" though, I think I'll look like a weirdo!

THING TWO: This next one is something both weird, yet intriguing. I'm sure there is a tennis enthusiast that would love these? Well, this is repurposing alright...

Wait, I really need to relax on the tennis courts, maybe something like this??

Oh, don't play tennis? Maybe you are more of a winter sports person?

These are from Great For Sitting on Etsy. It's a creative use of sports equipment, you can say that much!
Well, there are the Two Things for this week! Enjoy!


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