Two Things Tuesday

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hello there! I have discovered some WONDERFUL things for this week! Check it--

THING ONE: Paper craft continues to elude me. I'm not the most precise when it comes to cutting. Fabric is quite forgiving...paper is not. Which is what makes me LOVE paper crafts like these. I always hate spending money on things I think I could probably do myself. I know I can't do this, so I wouldn't feel bad at all...
These are from Crafterall on Etsy. Monocromatic greatness....agghhh (drooling).

Set of 4 cards for $16.00?? COOL!! Or I saw that you can get a customized one in the shape of a certain body of water, $30 for 8"X 10"---also very reasonable.
THING TWO: I realize I am potentially way late jumping on this bandwagon--TRIPLE THICK!!

This is one of those products where I really have no idea what exactly I'm going to do with it...but I'm excited about the possibilities!!! I experimented a bit last night. I think a coat of Mod Podge FIRST and then this over it may be best for working with paper, as I was ( I know...I just said paper craft eludes me, but I never give up!!). I actually went to Hob Lob with the intention of buying some Mod Podge "dimensional"...wasn't there---but THIS WAS!! Seems like it'll be a lot of fun!
Enjoy these Two Things! If you have some project suggestions for Triple Thick---bring them on!!


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