Two Things Tuesday

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Tuesday!! Here are Two Things I've actually accomplished this week!! Hooray!

THING ONE: I am such a scrounger! Nothing gets thrown away anymore. Even the hubby is in on the game now---everytime he's about to get rid of a worn out something he says, "Well, could you use this for something?" Yes...yes I can!!

Case in point--just another skirt, huh?
Ok, ok...the fabric is pretty cool...
Oh WAIT!! What's that?? The waistband is different,'s a PAJAMA SHORTS WAISTBAND which I scrounged from some pjs where the shirt was too tight/too short. Waste not, want not!!

PS-- That perfectly matching shirt is a tank top from Old Navy if you happen to need a match for that fabric too! (I've seen it around quite a bit)

THING TWO: So I've started experimenting with the Triple Thick. I made bottlecap magnets! I've been collecting bottlecaps lately for just such an occasion. I basically glued a circle of scrapbook paper and "embellished" with some stamping and stickers. Nothing too crazy since these were the trial run ones.

I krazy glued a super strong magnet to the back.

I ended up putting a few coats of the Triple Thick on each. It dries in about 5 min so it was no biggie. Yep, they're magnets alright! Again, a repurposing!!
In conclusion, I am apparently addicted to repurposing! And that's just fine---it's probably the absolute cheapest addiction possible!


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