Impromptu Fabric Basket

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned these two things before:
1) We live in an older house
2) I don't like clutter--particularly loose objects such as wires, little tiny animals, markers...

Let me paint you a picture. The dining room table ends up as the catch all for all sorts of projects. Lately, Sleeping Beauty Color Wonder artwork has been going on. (Why don't they sell a little case or baggie or something with these sets to keep it all in. It's probably something you have to buy seperately...and I'm not falling for that one!) Anyway, so there have been markers sitting on the table for like a week. Only they don't "sit." They roll. Why, you ask? One might say, our house is less than level. I say, we live in a constant state of "tilt."

So, the need for an impromptu marker basket arose. I answered the call--with fabric, ofcourse!!

Here's what you need:
-scrap fabric, I used a fat quarter
-fusible interfacing
-rubber bands or some other binding thing...ribbon, thread, whatever...

Here's how I did it:
1) I needed a rectangular basket so I folded the fat quarter and cut off some so I ended up with an 11"X 14" piece WHEN IT WAS FOLDED. Slip an equa-sized (Is that a word?? Well, it should be.) piece of fusible interfacing in the middle. Iron all of that together.
Side note: You can get fusible interfacing prepackaged...but then the price is RIDICULOUS. Buy it off the bolt!
2) Sew all the way around. You could fold in all the edges and make them "neat." I chose not too because it's not getting washed AND I'm kinda diggin' the rough look lately...
I used a cute stitch that actually has a scallop to it. I feel like the cute-y, complex stitches on my machine are way underused...that was really the only reason.
3)Do you have one of these? I bought this rubberband ball thinking, "What am I gonna use all these for? This is unnecessary..." But I loved the colors, so I got it! As it turns out, I have used it so many times I will probably end up buying several rubberband balls in my lifetime. Never thought I'd say that!

4)Pinch a corner, wrap a rubber band around it!

5) Keep going on the other three corners and you've got yourself a BASKET, baby!! I ironed the sides into a crease AFTER placing rubberbands...out of sheer OCD of needing that crease.

I am really in love with this basket. It's not breakable, it's colorful and fun, and most of all...simple!

Coordinating thread with rubberbands...feeling good about that one! I have that feeling where, after having made one of these, I am about to make a MILLION---in all different sizes and styles and materials...
Now, YOU go make some!!
Happy (Crazy, OCD) Mother's Day!!!


Kaysi said...

What a great idea!! That is so fun!

ms Joyce said...

I can't see to thread the sewing machine needle soooo I'll probably just iron and usr pinking shears on the edges. Great idea. TFS

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