Two Things Tuesday: Reasons why I like sewing

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

There are several reasons why I'm glad I learned to sew...these are two of them.

THING ONE: Being able to change your own home decor WITHOUT having to spend an absolute fortune is awesome! I greatly disliked the previous pillows that were in this chair. They were cream colored blah and filled with feathers which were always poking people and ended up all over the floor. Annoying. I've had these little $3 IKEA pillows forever...they are just fills. Covered them with fabric and...voila! Better in every way...and quite cheap!

A little topstitching on two ends...
I LOVE this fabric. I think it's from Hancock's. It's actually very thin and gauzy, so I lined it with a sturdy plain ol' white fabric too. It's so vintage-y looking...just couldn't pass it up!

THING TWO: Being able to whip up a little something for your kiddos. A very little something. Hmm...what is that, you say?

Oh, ofcourse---it's a pillow and blanket for a polly pocket princess!! Almost perfect...
Ahh yes, add in a watch box bottom and you've got the perfect tiny princess bed. That Prince should be along any minute now...
This 5 min effort caused such an exciting ruckus that I declared outloud that I LOVED BEING ABLE TO SEW!!! The sheer joy and mass amounts of squealing---it's wonderful to be able to make them so happy!
Granted, neither of these projects took great skill, but maybe that's the point. Simple is often better. And if you are talking about proportion of enjoyment to effort, then I'm WAY ahead!


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