Mysteries of my Spring Top Week Contest Entry

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some things are unexplainable.
Why does the letter "O" make a "W" sound in the words "one" and "once", but no other words (that I can think of anyway).
Why, eventhough, "garbage" and "garage" are so similarly spelled are they pronounced so differently?
Why don't we ever say "the bad girl" instead of always "the bad guy" when, clearly, there are MANY bad girls? (We watch a fair amount of princess movies around here..."the bad guy" is usually a fairy, queen and/or mother) ~this was the question posed by my 5yr old daughter last weekend~

Here's another one for you: How did I make this Spring Top??
It is a true mystery...well, not exactly, but it is not a process that I am able to explain, nor do I have pictures of the whole, convoluted journey. I'll tell you this much, it involved: seam ripping, adding triangular pieces of fabric, cutting things---after having been sewn on (EEEEK!), probably some under-my-breath cussing and a whole lot of singing. The playlist included such timeless classics as: "You Gotta Know When to Hold 'Em" and "Another One Bites the Dust"...if that isn't revealing, I don't know WHAT is!!

BUT--after all this, I do indeed have a Spring Top to enter in the contest over at Made by Rae!! And it's even ON TIME!!! Holy goodness!! So enjoy the few pictures I was able to squeeze in. I actually like the way my little top came out and I WILL be wearing it this spring and summer.

Some stats:
-grass green knit
-Phillip Jacobs cotton uber Springy!

Just a detail of the shoulder straps:

There it is! What a beaut! Lots of toil and trouble, but worth it...I think!


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Super cute! I love the green sleeves

Fawnda said...

very cute! great job! :)

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