Two Things Tuesday

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

THING ONE: A little before and after. Our house was built in 1968 and apparently all the previous owners saw no need to update ANYTHING over the years. Fine. We will! We've replaced the counter tops and the tile backsplash this time. I think every homeowner should have an old house to fix up...we've learned how to do sooo much from living here. I think the only thing left looking forward to that "lesson."

And after: (hoots and hollers, please!)
TA-DA!!! Counter tops are, ofcourse, from my beloved IKEA!! Cheap and unique! I thought wood-like counter tops were appropriate since a) I love fake wood grain on stuff b)we have stained concrete there should be wood grain SOMEWHERE, right??
THING TWO: Speaking of fake wood grain...

Well, isn't that a cute little make-up bag made out of FAUX BOIS OILCLOTH!!!!!!!! Where did I get such a totally awesome fabric, you ask?? This weekend I went to THE most fabulous fabric store in all of DFW and, quite possibly, the tri-state area!!!!

It's called City Craft. Located in the uber boutique-y Inwood/Lovers Lane shopping center, it's is literally a dream come true...for me. I live in a "suburb", which by default, has no cool fabric stores...just the regs. This place is a tiny, little slice of fabric HEAVEN! I spent way too much time deciding on what to get. I did manage to decide on this wonderful wood grain oilcloth. Also snagged some Phillip Jacobs super flowery, spring-like stuff...maybe just right for a certain Spring Top contest...? Picked up some super cute Amy Butler fab too...on the 50% off rack!!! Everything was very reasonably priced, in my opinion. I picked up some fun ribbon for my friend who makes bows for her little girl. Anyways, sorry to gush...but I have just NEVER seen anything like it. It's a sewing lounge, and it looks and feels every bit of that. They even have a "lounge night" on Thursday evenings where you can bring your project, use their machines and drink wine! WHAT??!! Let's see if Hancock's starts instituting those soon...HA!

Be sure to check out their blog, too. They show off cute ideas and new fabrics they carry--that's how I found out about the oilcloth!
Now, what to do with the rest of that beautiful faux bois...


Fawnda said...

Great job on the kitchen! The tiles looks great! I also love the make-up bag! : )

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