Two Things Tuesday

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thing One: I dislike electronics. Well, I like having them sometimes...but I really don't like looking at multiple things all stacked up and their snaking cords all over. It kinda drives me nuts. Add in the remotes and I'm on the verge of an anxiety attack! So, maybe that's a little dramatic...but you get the picture. I already don't like the TV sticking right out in the middle of our built-in. We hardly ever turn it on, but we can't get rid of it altogether because occasionally the girls need a princess movie fix! Here's what we had going embarrassing!! (the other side was equally cluttered with scrapbooks and shutterfly photobooks...those just don't offend me as much)

Made a little curtain from some IKEA fabric and literally pinned it up with push pins from the back. VOILA!!
Here's the full view. Obviously, getting some cabinet doors on the bottom is in the VERY near future. I think the little curtains help though...and break up the brown, brown, brown of the built-in. Yes?

PS--The fish tank is NOT yellow in real life, just showed up that way in the pic!!

Thing Two: I am SOOOO happy to be able to make things for family and friends. Particularly, their babies and kids. One of my friends just had a sweet little boy and she mentioned he may be starting on a paci. I whipped up one of these paci holders based on this post over at liaspace. Mine's slightly different...double layered cotton, a snap and an applique. Super fun and easy, and hopefully, useful! Here are some pics:

Enjoy your two things. Be glad they even got posted because I find blogger to be a highly frustrating really should be able to manipulate pics once they are in the post. Who's with me??!!


Lia said...

I'm loving it :) love the color combo and the little initial :) love love it :) thanks for sharing

Fawnda said...

I really like the curtins! and I LOVE the paci holder! :) too cute!

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