Can literally be done by a CHILD! One very smart and obviously talented child, that is!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The felt envelope has been recreated by a friend and her super awesome kiddos! They created two, one for each girl (as it also goes in our house). They put their initials on the back...good for telling them apart! I love the sweet little flower buttons they used-adorable! Cecilia is in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and did the pink one almost all by herself...check out that really wonderful handstitching! Way to go Cecilia!!

You are famous, Cecilia! Take a bow!
Lindsay, thanks for sharing and sewing these with your girls--they are great!
Why don't I have a new sewing project to share?? We were outside ALL weekend...some of it spent at the Arboretum doing this:

A little of this...
...and did I mention this?
Springtime in Texas...short, but BEAUTIFUL!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out! Cecilia was excited to see her handiwork and the nice comments posted here. :-) And, I should add, the total cost for this project was $5.04 (and we have enough 'left overs' to make at least 2 more). Excellent and fun project idea. Hopefully we will be able to try more of your projects.


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