I LOVE Fabric-Wrapped Frames!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

In looking around my house, I have noticed a few things:
1. I like the color kiwi green.
2. I like repetition--repeated colors, repeated patterns, repeated shapes...
3. I like fabric wrapped frames/wood as art.

So, enjoy this montage of fabric wrapped goodness!

Living room (Ikea fabric, can't recall name--origami-like forest animals):

Master bedroom(got this fabric from a decorator's fabric store YEARS ago...no idea):

2 yr old's room(quilt singles from JoAnns):

4 yr old's room(quilt singles from JoAnns):

So. to make these you simply nail together some 1X2 pieces of wood into a frame shape and cover with fabric...same way I did this, only these are open frames. In the last set of pics from my 4 yr old's room, I varied the depth of the frames....and I really liked that effect. If you are going to use quilt singles, like I did, I would recommend covering with white cheapo fabric first and THEN covering with the cute stuff. Fabric as art is nice bc it adds interest with both texturally and visually. Plus you can change it as much as you like---we usually just wrap the new one right on top of the old one, if it's an opaque fabric!
I really hadn't thought about how MANY fabric wrapped frames we had in this little house! Hubby didn't even notice until he saw me working on this post--then he even said "We DO have a lot of fabric wrapped frames in here, huh..."


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