Two Things Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This is something new I'm trying. TWO THINGS TUESDAY is exactly like it's two things I've been thinking about, or found, or did, or want...

Thing One: Moonsty and Floonsty!!! If these aren't literally the CUTEST things you have ever seen...well, there is something wrong with you! How perfect for Easter???? These are called Sugar Bunnies--and if they weren't made out of felt I would just eat...them...UP!!!

And my kids would have ENDLESS hours of fun with this tiny gnome village. I'm dying---they are so stinkin' adorable!!

Now, something I desperately need---a ring bowl!! I am constantly leaving my rings all over the house. Everyone else always seems to know where I left them...I'm the one that has the trouble remembering. I feel, though, that if I had this lovely set of nested felted ring bowls I would surely put them in there and actually remember where they were!!

They have many other wonderful things, many bunny-related items that could make for a one of a kind gift! Check them out!

Thing Two: It's possible that this installment should be called "Two CUTE Things Tuesday" because this is also uber cute. Sock and Glove, a super awesome book about animal toys you can make using only socks and gloves. Have you seen this book??? Have you poured over it with your kids and bought all kinds of crazy socks???(found some REALLY fun ones for $1 at both Michael's and Joann's)
I made the cat for my little girl for her 5th birthday. She LOVES cats right now, so it was a natural choice. Meet "Meowy":
Meowy only took 2 socks, and about an hour and 1/2 bc I modified the arm/ear/tail attachment by cutting a slit in the main "body" and pulling the stuffed arm through to the inside and sewing it shut. Plus, I have never attempted an embroidered face of any that was a bit tricky for me. So, I'm thinking the next one might take like 45 min. Anyway, fun and simple and you could totally change it up. BTW: Just realized you can't see the tail in that pic...he does have one, it's just like the arms.

Well, there are Two Things...hope you like 'em!


fawnda said...

That cat is darling and that book looks like a lot of fun! : )

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