Two Things Tuesday

Monday, March 29, 2010

Thing One: The Spoon Rest Quest
We just put in brand spankin' new counter tops and a tile back splash...all by ourselves! But for some reason, this has burdened me with the long, arduous process of finding the quintessential spoon rest! I think I have clocked more time trying to find the perfect spoon rest than I did picking out counter tops and tile combined. It's all in the details, I suppose. Here are some contenders (all found on Etsy, ofcourse!):

Warm Brown Spoon Rest by JimandGina

Hand Built Persimmon Leaf Plate by Sumiko

And ofcourse, the one the girls think would really "complete the look":

Who knew a spoon rest would end up being the final "piece" of the kitchen makeover?? Which one gets your vote?

Thing Two: This book---

I fell in LOVE with this book last summer and I made some totes and organizers from it-- this one I made for my sister:

Reasons why Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter is great:

a) VERY simple, step by step instructions + patterns!! (I haven't used any of the patterns yet...the tutorials are THAT easy to follow)

b) It was the first sewing book I'd ever owned. So, you can do the math, I've only been seriously sewing for less than a year....EEEK!! That's hard to admit. I've done a few pillows and a set of curtains sprinkled in before that...but that was it. I'm not one of those that has been sewing since I was a little girl or anything...though I wish I had been! I recently found out that my great grandmother was a professional seamstress, so maybe that has something to do with my newfound love of this craft! So essentially, this is the book that started it all for me--I hope by highlighting it, someone else might "get started" too!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for featuring my floral, moss green coaster/spoon rest!


janimal said...

Wow -- that's the first (and right now only) sewing book that I own also! My grandmother was a seamstress. Like you, up until just recently, I had sewn some simple pillows or curtains over the years, but am just now getting into more stuff. Mainly for my little girl. It's a pleasure finding your blog!

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