Clippy Crazy 2---Ribbon Alligator Clips!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The newest naptime filler--these little ribbon alligator clips! This isn't going to be a tutorial in the truest sense bc they are so dang easy it's hardly tutorial worthy. Instead, I'm just showing some pics and giving some tips!
Start with your hot glue gun on the inside of the clip and work your way around. I did a section at a time so I wouldn't have to hold it open the whole time--kinda hurts your thumb! When I used the narrow ribbon I wrapped it all the way: inside-outside-around the bend-outside and inside again.

Here I used some wider ribbon, and another one of those unused scrapbooking embellishments:

With the wide ribbon I didn't go around the bottom of the clip's "mouth" bc I didn't think that would be too easy to get into my girls' curly all...

Here's a detail of just how far I went around with it:

Try them! I bought a set of 8 alligator clips at Michael's for $1.50 (I'd call them medium sized). I got the ribbon the narrow ribbon there too---60-75 CENTS per spool!!!!! What a deal!!! They're Spring-y, simple and CHEAP! Who could ask for more??!!


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