Post-Storytime Bargain Browsing Pays Off!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The girls and I have been enjoying storytimes this summer at Barnes and Noble. We were never able to get to them when the in-home daycare was up and now we are hitting them up pretty much every week. Plus, it is air-conditioned and it is OVER 100 degrees here right now so...

Usually, after storytime we browse. Browse the children's section, browse the parenting section, browse the cookbooks, browse the sewing/crafting section and ofcourse, the bargain section. Well, today I found a BEAUT!! Lookie, lookie!!!

Love this!!! I love sewing knits and now maybe I can figure out how to sew knits ...ahem ...correctly! But the best part...did you notice the BEST part??!
That's right! $7 for a $25 book!! WOOHOO!! That made me happy for the rest of the day! Needless to say, I've been pouring through it and really want to sew up some stuff! But I promised myself I would read all the way through before starting any projects inspired by it. It is excellent so many, many valuable tips in all facets of sewing that I honestly have not read on any of the bajillion sewing blogs I've stumbled onto. That's pretty rare I'd say!
Lesson of the day: ALWAYS take your kids to storytime. HA!


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