The Easiest Dress EVER!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

I've made a few of these super-dee-duper easy t-shirt dresses for my 5 yr old. They are just that easy...easy to make and made for easy livin'. No fancy schmancy-ness, except for the uber cool snaking ruffle ofcourse! It is made from a man's grey tee, no more, no less. Chop off the shoulders and sleeves inward at a slight curve, then cut the rest of the way down in an a-line fashion. I ended up taking it up a bit and hemming with a double zig-zag stitch bc it was a little long for something so plain and simple. Put it over her and exactly measured and pinned* where I needed to take it in on the sides so half her body didn't show through the armhole. Then just sew up the sides. No stitching ANYWHERE ELSE!! No sleeve stitching, no neckline stitching--glorious!

*exactly measured and pinned=pinched it with with my fingers, closed one eye and squinted the other while tilting my head slightly askew :)

I just love the way it fits her in the shoulder's an amazingly good fit despite...errr, I mean...ofcourse it fits well, you know, because of all that measuring...!

She's wearing a hat we got today so that when we go peach picking this weekend her scalp doesn't get fried, which is a real problem for those who love the piggie tails. It's from Children's Place and it is sooo cute! She has stated that she cannot wear it everyday, but she can wear it today, tomorrow and the next day...
{Check out the expression on that face...backyard modeling is serious business}

Close up of the ruffly coolness...


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