Kids grow (rapidly)...who knew??

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My 5 yr old has grown several inches since the beginning of the summer. I think only in her legs because all the cute, little skirts I bought when it began to get warm are now just that...little! Some of the skirts have become her favs and part of her weekly wardrobe (especially since I bestowed the new responsibility of letting her pick out her own clothes!)
This orange skirt was just too young to I gave it a stay of execution by adding a band of that orange polka dot fabric to the bottom. Yes, the same one I used for the curtains and lamp...that may be a little "Sound of Music"...oh well...I love that movie!
She can still wear the skirt she loves (and that could really be for at least another month) and keep the modesty a 5 yr old should have!


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