I've got nothin'...well, nothing to share...right now

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dreadfully sorry, but there's not even a "Two Things" this week. I am in the middle of pre-birthday frenzy and it's not over yet! I am sewing though! Sewing up some princess dresses for the girls for the PRINCESS BIRTHDAY PARTY---AHHH!! In a million years, I never thought I would be all into a princess party...but I am...I'm in it up to my elbows! It's a little bit of an out-of-body experience, but you have to go with the flow. Little girl wants a princess party--LET'S DO THIS!
Anywho, so I haven't had time to take pics or edit or write more than what I'm writing right now. I'd say, "Sorry I let you down" but I don't post that regularly to begin with...so everyone should be just fine with this I think! ;)
Princess dress pics to come!


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