Nursing Cover

Friday, January 22, 2010

This is the nursing cover I made for my dear cousin who just had a beautiful baby girl. I used the tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets here. I saw this Batik fabric in olive green and robin's egg blue and thought it was just perfect for my free-spirited cousin! I kept it pretty simple because I kinda figured if I made it TOO super cutesy it might draw some attention. As a former nursing mother myself, I just wasn't sure how cool she would be with someone coming up to her, while she was nursing in public, to ask her where she got it from. Sometimes, blending in a little bit is nice! Anyway, very easy project...highly necessary item for nursing mommies. It has two D-rings to keep the strap in place, flannel corners on the inside to wipe a wee mouth, and boning across the front so you can peek in and see how things are going (love that!!).

I WISH I had one of these when mine were nursing...all I had was a little blanket and the desperate hope that they wouldn't fling it off and expose me to the world!


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