Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hobbies are interesting things. Hobbies are mostly thought of as things we do "on the side." Though, it seems that our hobbies usually take over our whole lives at some point. For instance, I have considered sewing/making things my hobby. Yet, I sew, go to fabric stores, write in my sewing journal, develop patterns, read about sewing/patterning, have a blog about sewing, talk about sewing and do other sewing related activities EVERYDAY! I am starting to realize that this "hobby" has become something more. My kids are now incorporating sewing and going to the fabric store into their pretend play. The other day I even heard my 2 yr old remark about "a beautiful fabric..." To say this was still a hobby would be an understatement, apparently it is now a lifestyle! And I'm ok with that...


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