Air Plants...who knew?? Probably everyone, but me...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I've had this glass thing for I don't know how long. It has always been empty. At first, I appreciated it's simple, emptiness. Now, I am sick of it's emptiness and I feel it should be filled. With what, though? I'm not into decorative balls or pinecones or that sort of thing. I do, however, love plants. There aren't many plants that grow indoors though, with little natural light and, well, maintenance. Especially plants that are not totally boring looking. (Yes, some plants are exciting and some are boring.) I thought about a terrarium, contained type, but I just don't know about having constantly wet dirt and plants in the house...seems like mold would grow...?
What to do, what to do...
Solution: AIR PLANTS!! What in the world?! A plant...that doesn't need dirt...or sun. That's two of the three things plants normally need, right?

And they are so pretty and unique! These next pics are from To Hold on Etsy. Very reasonable.

The best idea ever: suction cup some in your bathroom and you will never have to water them...the showers you take will take care of that!

I love repetition in design.

Anyway, I'm about to put a million air plants all over my house!! I love them!! So, I think I'll just take the top off that glass thing and air plant it up!

PS-- I am adding a new category, out of necessity, called "Why Haven't I Ever Heard of This Before??"


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