Clippy CRAZY!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

So we aren't too into bows around here...I know--- two girls---how can I NOT put them in bows everyday?? We even have a friend who MAKES wonderfully cute, creative bows, but it just never caught on at this house for some reason. We do, however, like the "clippy"--otherwise known as a clip or barrette. The problem lately has been that my eldest's hair is so darn thick that I have to buy the huge, adult-sized clippies to even sort of hold it back...and they don't come in very kid-ish styles and colors. Thanks to the inspiration from the felt/ribbon barrette tutorials from The Long Thread and Angry daughter's curly mane can now don cute clippies again! Check out some clippy MANIA:

The bottom one on the next pic is ribbon. Much squinchier (my technical sewing word for "slippy") to use and you have to fold down the two cut ends so they won't fray. Although, now that I think about it, I may try one without folding and just singe the edges...hmmm, yes...yes, I will...

That little felt butterfly is a leftover scrapbooking accent that just happened to be felt...could that be considered repurposing????

Here's some more:
The top 2 are felt, the bottom is IKEA that stuff sooo, sooo much!

I did do them slightly differently than the tutorials in that I just cut a slit in the bottom piece of felt/ribbon and then sandwiched the clip in between, and sewed it up all the way around--clip still inside. It was just lazier, but with the same result, therefore, I did it! I did find it easier to sew with the back of the clip facing me bc then I could just kind of go with the curve of the clip. Also, I made mine straight up rectangular instead of the shape of the clippy bc I just thought it was a little more our "style" know.

Using the felt had the extra *bonus* of really keeping that clippy in it's place! Easy, fun and lots of possible it!


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